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Visiting The Magic Kingdom With Small Children

When traveling to the Magic Kingdom with children, it is important to perform advanced planning before arriving in Florida. Preparing for this trip will make the difference in a stressful family vacation and a fabulous, magical vacation that your family will always remember.

The Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World in Florida is one of the world's most popular vacation destinations.

Millions of visitors tour the Magic Kingdom Park each year and although it is the smallest of all four Disney Florida Parks, it is also the most crowded. It is not uncommon to see families touring the parks in the hot Florida sun, with parents yelling at their children and the children crying or screaming for something. This tends to happen as families spend a lot of money on this type of vacation and want to be sure to "get their moneys worth".

This leads them to drag their families throughout the park, with over-tired, hot and hungry children. It is important to remember that children function best when in their normal daily routine. Their days at Walt Disney World will be filled with early mornings, off schedule (or skipped) naps, changes in eating times, and late nights. Also the weather in Orlando can be extremely hot and humid or very rainy, depending on when you visit.

It is crucial that parents understand that children will be on sensory overload and will be out of their routines when on vacation.

You can visit the Magic Kingdom with children and still have a fabulous time. If you are only able to visit for one day, you should arrive at the parks before its scheduled opening time. As the park opens you should visit Fantasyland (if traveling with small children) or Frontierland (for older children).

A one day touring schedule is possible, however, if traveling with children you will have to be willing to limit your list of "must-see" attractions. With children, it is always better to allot two full days at the Magic Kingdom. This will allow you to tour at a calmer pace and allow your children to take in all that the park has to offer.

Your advanced planning when visiting the Magic Kingdom should include deciding what time of year to visit, what day of the week will be least crowded, and how many days you have to visit the Magic Kingdom. You should also review the park layout and policies before you arrive. Being knowledgeable on the attractions will help you decide which ones you would like to visit before even arriving in Orlando. Reviewing Disney information on stroller rentals, the Fastpass system and parades and shows are just a few examples of things you should strive to learn about before you arrive.

This will allow you to maximize your time at the Magic Kingdom and concentrate on your Disney family vacation.

A little planning will help you create your best visit to the Magic Kingdom!

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Jennifer Mitchell is the author of the Disney Travel Guide the Mouse Manual (www.mousemanual.com). This ebook has www.

mousemanual.com'>Disney Travel Tips that can save you time and money on your next Walt Disney vacation. .

By: Jessica Mitchell -

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