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Deer Paris - Weather and Climate in Paris


Southern France has a warm climate with hot summers and mild winters while Northern France, including Paris, has warm summers, cold winters and rainfall throughout the year. During winter, around December and January, it can get cold with temperatures dropping to 3ºC / 37ºF.

  Rainfall (mm) Min Temp (°C) Max Temp (°C)
January 180 1°C 7°C
February 122 2°C 8°C
March 156 5°C 11°C
April 202 6°C 15°C
May 325 10°C 19°C
June 301 13°C 23°C
July 237 15°C 25°C
August 194 12°C 26°C
September 65 12°C 21°C
October 63 9°C 15°C
November 80 5°C 10°C
December 158 3°C 8°C