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Live Nature with Xcaret Mexico

Want to get closer to nature? Want to have a lifetime experience? Xcaret Mexico is an ecological park located very close to Playa del Carmen. Known as the "sacred paradise of nature", Xcaret Mexico has beautiful beaches, underground rivers, archaeological ruins, a wild bird aviary with 37 bird species, a local wild life farm, Coral Reef Aquarium and much more.Imagine yourself walking on the white sands of the Caribbean, swimming in the soft and crystalline water of the bay and feeling the warm Mexican sun in your skin.

Doesn't it sound nice? You can also find excellent bars and snack bars which will be the perfect treat in your well deserved rest. The sea, the sand and the beautiful views of Xcaret will make you feel at peace with nature. There is no better place to recharge batteries and continue with your life.The Underground Rivers attraction of Xcaret Mexico invites you to explore their crystalline waters and marvel at this ancient creation of Mexican Nature. Dare to explore and enjoy an experience that is unique in the world.Exploring the Cancun reefs and underground rivers is part of the Xcaret Mexico experience.

You can find diving and snorkeling tours to the barrier reef, which is the second largest in the world, extending only a few feet from shore. The ecotour varies depending on the level of experience and includes a class for those who are going under for the first time.One of the amazing activities available is called "Snuba" it is a new sport that combines the technology of diving with the freedom of snorkeling at a depth of 6 meters (20 feet).

Enjoy the comfort of leaving your tank with 80 ft³ of air on a raft floating above you. Breathing is possible through a regulator connected to the tank and the rest of your equipment consists of a mask, fins and lead-weighted belt to allow neutral flotation. You can explore coral reef patches teaming with a variety of fish that live in these Cancun Mexico ecosystems.And what could be better to finish the day the way it should be than Xcaret Mexico Spectacular Night? In the Valley of the Scents, you can hear the call of the pre-hispanic drums and the notes of ocarinas, bells and conch shells.

The priest and Mayan warriors, wrapped in the smoke of incense, announce a cultural and historic journey in the Grand Tlachco, the large theatre with capacity for 6000 people. Accompanied by the song of the musical instruments, Mayan children open the spectacle singing in chorus an ancestral legend. You better carry your video camera, and enough batteries.

Anyway, there is so much more you can see with Xcaret Mexico, so after all this, are you convinced you should come yet?.

.B Herrera is a freelance writer for travel topics.http://www.


By: B Herrera

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