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Johannesburg A Quick Travel Guide

Johannesburg is a city in the centre of South Africa. The city is the provincial capital of the Gauteng Province (South Africa's wealthiest province) and it boasts a population of 3,225,812. The area of Johannesburg has been inhabited for millions of years and hominid remains dating back 3.

3 million years have been discovered in the area. Johannesburg was originally inhabited by nomadic Bushmen, who were joined by the Bantu-speaking people of the Niger-Congo area around the year 1060AD. Large numbers of Europeans began to settle in the city in the 1880's.

For many years South Africa was governed by apartheid, which prevented non-Europeans from working skilled jobs and saw them taxed unfairly. Through forced removals, the non-Europeans were moved to designated areas, the most famous being the shantytown of Soweto (Now a popular historical tourist destination). Apartheid was abandoned in February 1990, and since 1994 discriminatory laws have not ruled Johannesburg.Despite its rocky history, the city is increasingly popular amongst tourists, and in recent years a number of attractions have been developed, not least, the fascinating historical museums such as the Hector Pieterson Museum and the Apartheid Museum.

For less historically-minded visitors, the city also boasts the large Johannesburg Zoo and the massive Gold Reef City amusement park. Just outside the city is the Cradle of Humankind ? a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which boasts the largest number of hominid fossils ever discovered.Johannesburg is a friendly, bustling city, which offers visitors numerous opportunities for entertainment. The city's exciting nightlife is centred around the upmarket Melrose Arch area, as well as the Melville student district.

Johannesburg is home to an abundance of shopping centres and boutiques and a visit to the traditional Rosebank flea market is essential for all visitors. Johannesburg is a charming destination due to its mild climate which boasts pleasantly warm summers and winters. The city experiences plenty of sun, with only occasional afternoon showers between October and April.

.Dara Ward is an avid travel writer. He operates numerous travel websites including Hotels in Johannesburg Dara is from Ireland so has a passion for his native Country. One of his Irish travel sites is Hotels in Cork.

By: Dara Ward

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