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Head South to Gulf Coast Alabama

When you imagine typical beach vacations, you probably think of the peninsula that's home to Mickey Mouse or the string of islands where everyone says "aloha." These are great places to visit, but don't forget about America's southern sandy strips. Gulf Coast Alabama, in particular, is a region bursting with energy, carefree activities, and beach beauty.The miles and miles of available coastline means that every day of vacation can find you at a different beach.

Highway 182 is a long line of dunes, boardwalks, and lounge-worthy landscape, so feel free to start at one end and work your way to the other. Perdido Point Public Beach is large and accommodating, as it is equipped with paved parking and 6,000 feet of white sand. When hunger strikes, head down to Gulf State Park Picnic Area, where you'll find over 100 picnic tables, boat rentals, a snack bar, and a bath house.Check out the place where Little Lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico meet at Lagoon Park, and then finish off your tour by spending some time at Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge Beach.

This protected region of the coast will show you the most natural side of Alabama, so be sure to notice the live oaks and Spanish moss, the birds, and the wildlife (including the Alabama Beach mouse). A four mile trail will allow you to truly appreciate this untamed and untainted portion of the beach.Anywhere along the shore you'll find places to fish, float, and suntan. Start up a volleyball game if you feel like getting some exercise, or simply stretch out and take a well-deserved nap. All in all, the Gulf Coast has what it takes to quench your desire for some quality beach time.Visitors with any interest in history will be happy to discover that this area has had its fair share of noteworthy events during the past several hundred years.

Travel west to visit Fort Morgan, which was once controlled by the Spanish. It was rebuilt in time to serve as the site of a Civil War skirmish, and the Union Army ended up gaining control of this valuable port entrance.Dauphin Island, eight miles out to sea and accessible by ferry, also served a key role in the North vs.

South battle for Mobile Bay, and if you end up here during the months of October through May, you might have the chance to witness a reenactment of the contentious face-off. This dimension of the Alabama coast will leave everyone in your group capable of impressing the people back home with lots of newfound knowledge and perspective.For a more light-hearted diversion, visit Waterville USA, a water and amusement park that boasts dozens of rides, slides, and adrenaline rushes. Also, check out the renowned golf courses that can be found throughout the area. From Scottish style to beachside, you'll be challenged and amazed at the beauty of these professionally designed greens.

Souvenir seekers have plenty of options here, and as for dining, you'll have as many fresh seafood choices as you can handle.As long as you're living the life of a pleasure-seeker for a little while, you might as well go all the way and become a full-fledged beach bum. Check into renting a place that will allow you easy access to the gulf as well as all the amenities you'll need to breathe deeply and forget about the real world.

Assorted condos and villas are available in this area that will provide you with stunning views, access to stores and restaurants, and family-pleasing conveniences like electronics, games, and a bed for everyone.Alabama's Gulf Coast has what it takes to give you the vacation you deserve, so don't be afraid to head south for an excellent escape. Go online to find the Gulf Coast Vacation Rental that will keep you housed in comfort as you soak in the pleasures of sand, sun, and whatever else you happen to discover.

.Gulf Coast Vacation Rental has a wide array of vacation rental listings, so visit today and start planning the trip you've been dreaming of.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Caitlin Moore

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