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Fliying to Barcelona Airport Please Get Me Out of Here

There is only one airport in Barcelona city, commonly known by the locals as "L'Aeroport del Prat".Barcelona Airport is located 12 kilometres south-east of Barcelona city centre and 3km from Barcelona's harbour (one of the most important in the Mediterranean Sea).There are a few ways you can get from Barcelona Airport to the city centre, let's have a look at them so you can go by;.* Taxi.* AeroBus.

* Night Bus.* Train.* Car.By Taxi.-------.By Taxi is without doubt the fastest way to leave Barcelona Airport but not necessarily the fastest way to get to your destination.

Barcelona, is a big modern city and has so much traffic that sometimes it can drive you nuts.For a detailed tariff list see below;.There are taxis 24/7 all year long and they'll always have change of a 20? note (this is your right as a customer) but any bigger note than that, could cause you problems when paying, especially late at night.

Taxi drivers have been obliged to accept guide dogs for blind people since 1993 by law.For a selection of Taxi companies telephone numbers, see list below (you can also use these numbers to book a taxi).By AeroBus.----------.The AeroBus is, as you may have already guessed, a Bus service.

It's simply one of those "Airports to City Centre destinations only" that all big airports have.You buy the ticket on the bus, it costs (at the time of writing) 3'60 ? one-way and 6'15 ? return, they accept Visa. During the day there is usually one AeroBus to Barcelona city centre every 12 minutes.

Check a detailed timetable below,.The journey from Barcelona Airport to the city centre is about 30 minutes long and it stops in 3 other important key destinations before it ends in "Plaša de Catalunya".For the whole route check below;.

By Night Bus.------------.There is also a regular local night bus, the 106, which takes you from Barcelona airport to "Plaza Espa˝a". This is the only late night public transport service available.For a detailed timetable see below,.Try to be at the bus stop about 10 minutes early, as the timetables are approximate and it always depends on traffic.

You can buy a ticket on board just try to have some change on you.If you don't know where you have to get off, ask tell the driver which your stop is and he'll let you know.By Train.--------.The trip takes around 30 minutes.

The price depends on where you stop but getting to the centre will cost you 2'30 ?.You can get straight into four of Barcelona's main train stations offering connections to anywhere in Spain.For a detailed timetable see below,.Be warned that you'll need your ticket on arrival at your destination, so don't throw your ticket away.

While you can take your pets on local transport, they must be on a lead or in some sort of cage.You can also take bicycles on the local train but there are some restrictions at peak times.For a map of all the Train Zones and Stations see below,.By Car.------.

There are many car hire companies based in Barcelona Airport, for a detailed list of these companies with contact details and web address see below.Depending on where you are going you'll need to take one or the other. If you plan to drieve in the city you'd better get hold of a good street map, remember Barcelona isn't a small city (over 3 million people live there and most of them have cars).The journey to the city could take about 20 minutes but that will depend on traffic conditions.If you plan to stay in Barcelona city, I wouldn't recommend hiring a car as it'd be more trouble than it's worth and public transport can take you anywhere at anytime. However if you plan to visit the outskirts of the city, a car would be helpful.

.Read the full article Flying to Barcelona Airport? Get me out of here with all the missing details & more. Travel Spain Barcelona.

By: Manuel Kupka

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