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Amorgos Island Greece Presents Its Famous Greek Amorgos Island

Q. What is the emblem of the Greek Island called Amorgos?
A. The emblem of Amorgos island is the Monastery of Hozoviotissa.Q. Why should a Monastery become the emblem of this island?
A. The Monastery of Hozoviotissa is an amazing construction wedged into a huge precipice at 300m from the sea.

It is original enough to become an emblem.Q. What other elements add up to the beauty of this Monastery?
A The place is surrounded by huge cliffs, palm trees and several Wonderful beaches covered with fine soft sand.Q. How can we get to Amorgos Island?
A. You can get to Amorgos Island by ferries from Piraeus.

You will Then arrive to the little port of Aegiali located in the north-east of the island.Q .Is Piraeus the only port to depart to go to Amorgos Island?
A. Piraeus near Athens is not the only place to depart.

You can also depart from an other Greek island.Q. Does it mean that we can travel from one island to an other?
A. In several case, yes .You have to verify with the agents working in the offices at the ports.

Q. How many ports does Amorgos island have?
A. Amorgos island has two ports: Aegiali located in the north-east of the island. Katopola located in the south-west of the island.Q.

Does Amorgos island have a central port?
A. Katapola is the central port.Q. Does Katapola have any attractions for a visitor?

Katapola is an ideal choice for those who like to walk once That it is small. This small town has blue and white painted Little houses, white windmills?.The little houses board the Narrow streets leading you to a beautiful Venetian castle.

Q. What is the main town in Amorgos island in Greece?
A. The main town is called HORA.

Q. What attractions does HORA have for a tourist?
A. The little town offers great images carrying a tourist Into a dreamy atmosphere of another era .

Its streets Are narrow?they look like a labyrinth?HORA is Located in the castle quarter (the KASTRO).Q. Where is Amorgos Island located in Greece?
A. The Island of Amorgos in Greece is located in the Cyclades Islands Near the Dodecanese.Q. What is the population of Amorgos Island in Greece?

Amorgos Island has a population of 2000 inhabitants living on A surface of 121 km. The littoral space is spreaded on 112 km long.Q. Is Amorgos island the smallest island in the Cyclades Island in Greece?
A. No?the island of Amorgos is the seventh largest island in the Cyclades.

Q. Is there a special AREA CODE to call Amorgos Island?
A. If someone wants to call to Amorgos Island in Greece, he has to dial the International Greek code + the Amorgos Island code. It is suggested to Verify with your local operator what is the code from your country.Q. What useful telephone numbers could we refer to for Amorgos Island.

A. Here are some useful telephone numbers in Amargos island in Greece: Automatic dialing code = 0285 , Police = 71210 , Commune Office = 71257 , Port Authority ( Katapola ) = 71259.

.by S Pappas greekinfo@gmail.

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By: S Pappas

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