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Aberdeen Washington Small Business

Aberdeen Washington is a port city, it is located inland in Gray's Harbor. Aberdeen and it's surrounding area would make an excellent place to own a business. We believe that a small service business by adding the nearby cities to the service territory there would be ample population base to run a very good small Business. The surrounding cities include: Hoquiam just West, Cosmopolis just South East.

Also East are the towns of Central Park, Melbourne, Montesano. Together these areas total population is over 34,000 and growing and with unincorporated areas surrounding you have another 8,000 making over 44,000 people who need services and products there.Aberdeen has plenty of water so that will never be an issue like other drought-ridden areas of the state. The average rainfall is quite high, one of the highest in the country.

It rains quite a bit there in the wintertime. The summers are divine. There is quite a bit of industry there due to the Timber business. The truck fleets are large and there are tons of Logging trucks and lots of heavy equipment as well.

Most of the timber is shipped out as lumber products by train and truck. There are also many Tree Farms in the area where new trees have been planted for later harvest. The timber yards are huge and the mills are as well, employing many residents and supplying a strong economic base to the area.

The major industries for the Gray's Harbor area are fishing, forestry and farming.http://www.ghedc.com/.

The local area business community is well supported by The Gray's Harbor Chamber of Commerce, who are very helpful and very serious about the entire community.http://www.graysharbor.org/.

The EPA and the world are concerned about the regions plentiful rain forest areas and eco system. This is why any small business will fit in good with both industry and environmentalist with White man and the original Native American Indians there. You would be wise to consider opening a business in Gray's Harbor, you will like it there very much.


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By: Lance Winslow

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